‘The trees I planted paid me dividends in different way’ – Salu Marada Thimmakka

‘The trees I planted paid me dividends in different way’ – Salu Marada Thimmakka

Mangaluru: ‘Me and my husband had planted trees on both sides of the four kilometres of road in my place. We did not wait for any one’s help or assistance. In the days of utter poverty, we were self-motivated and wanted to fill the void of not having children. The trees have paid dividends to me in a different way. They, besides giving me satisfaction have provided whole of the environment there with fresh air and shade.


I can also say that the trees are the best things to leave back when we move on said, the environmental activist of international fame Salu Marada Thimmakka, today at Besant Women’s College. She was addressing the gathering of students after inaugurating Environment club. She planted and watered a sapling in a pot on the dais to inspire NSS students who function as’ Green Army’ in the college.


She on the occasion sang a folk song to explain how nature provided for all its creatures without discrimination. Her son Umesh B.N. who spoke on the occasion said, modern citizens have all the gadgets but lack fresh air. Technology cannot create clean environment it has to come from trees. We Indians who worshipped nature once have now forgotten it’s value. He added Salu Marada Thimmakka is already 105 years old and is not a permanent figure, the generation next must take inspiration from her and join in protecting trees.

College principal Dr Sathish Kumar Shetty P. said, Thimmkka’s visit has brought in a new hope and has inspired the students to be active in protecting nature.


Shyam Sundar Kamath, Secretary, WNES, presented the college emblem, a traditional brass lamp to Thimmakka. Environmentalist Dinesh Holla and Thimakka’s family members were present among the audience.

Girish Kumar, Convenor of Environment Club welcomed, Prof. Jayashree NSS Co-ordinator thanked. Students, Apoorva J.K invoked and Kavana compeered the programme.

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