TRV Celebrates 1837 Freedom Struggle by Raising Flag

TRV Celebrates 1837 Freedom Struggle by Raising Flag

Mangaluru: Tulunadu Rakshana Vedike (TRV) along with many well-known figures from the Tulu region staged a rally from Jyoti circle to Bauta Gudde here, on April 5.

At Bauta Gudde, TRV members raised the Tulunadu flag in memory of the 1837 freedom struggle by the people of Tulunadu region.

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Speaking on this occasion, President of TRV, Yogish Shetty said, “Before the freedom struggle of 1857, the people of Tulunadu had also had taken part in a similar struggle in 1837. On April 5, 1837, the people of the Tulunadu region had driven out the British from this region and declared Tulunadu as independent by raising the flag of Tulunadu on Bautagudde. They reigned and breathed in a free region for 16 days after which they were taken as captives by the British, hanged at Bikarnakatte and their bodies were left to rot.”

Prominent freedom fighters from the coastal region were Kedhambadi Ramegowda Beeranna Bunt, Nandawara Laxmanappa Banga, Kumble Subraya Hegde and Kalyanaswami from Kodagu. The free Tulubadu was captured again by the British with the use of more superior weaponry and around 200 freedom fighters were captured. They were later executed at Bikarnakatte, the name comes from ‘Bikara Marana Katte’. TRV is struggling towards earning recognition to these freedom fighters, which the history book have failed to mention anywhere.

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Dr Deviprasad Sampaji said, “You should continue this struggle forward and make sure that Ramegowda’s name is recognized.”

Kothari Vishwanath, Savitri Shetty, Bojaraj Vamanjoor, Chitharanjan Shetty, Ashok Shetty and others were also present.

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