Tumakuru: Man Trying to Thrust Wife into Water Himself Drowns with Her

Tumakuru: A bizarre incident of a couple drowning in a temple tank has been reported from Tiptur in the district on Wednesday.

Umesh, residing in T L Palya of Tiptur, had a marital discord with his wife for some time. He came to a decision to get rid of both her and their child of 18 months. He cleverly tricked her into going with him with the child in his bike to a nearby temple.

It was his idea to ride the bike straight into the tank, kill them and save himself. But fate willed otherwise. The child fell by the side of the tank and survived.

After falling into the tank, Umesh tried to thrust his wife deep into water. But in her death pangs, she held on to him so tight that he could not release himself from her. As a result, both of them drowned.

The police arrived from Tiptur station and brought their bodies up. They have registered a case.

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