Tunisian terrorist recruitment cell dismantled

Tunis, (EFE) The Tunisian interior ministry has said that at least 10 Tunisians were arrested for allegedly sending jihadis to fight in Syria, Efe news agency reported on Friday.

The 10 recruiters were arrested on Thursday in the town of Hammam Lif, on the outskirts of the capital, a ministry statement explained.

The cell apparently established a connection with a fighter after returning from Syria, who in turn facilitated the recruitment and sending of jihadis to the front lines.

This is the second cell that has been dismantled in the last week in Tunisia, as four other people were arrested in the southeastern city of Mahdia on similar charges.

According to security experts consulted by Efe, there are at least 3,000 Tunisian jihadis involved in the conflict in Syria and Iraq, while about 600 other Tunisian jihadis are engaged in the Libyan conflict.

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