Typhoon Megi wreaks havoc in Zhejiang

Typhoon Megi wreaks havoc in Zhejiang

Beijing, Sep 30 (IANS) Typhoon Megi has wreaked havoc in east China’s Zhejiang Province, causing deaths and huge economic losses.

Megi, the 17th typhoon this year, forced the evacuation of 236,000 people in the province and destroyed 333 houses, leading to a direct economic loss of 2.68 billion yuan ($402 million), Xinhua quoted the provincial department of civil affairs.

On Wednesday, a landslide hit Sucun Village, Suichang County and left three dead and more than 20 missing, according to a statement by Suichang county government.

In Wencheng County, a landslide on Wednesday left three people dead and three others missing, the local flood control and drought relief headquarters said in a statement on Thursday.

Rescuers are trying to find the missing, but rescue efforts are being hampered by damaged roads and continuous rain.

A total of 35 rescue teams have been working in severely hit areas, including Pingyang and Wencheng counties.

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