U C MAS: Discovering The Genius Within


[V. G Soundari, an educationist with over three decades of teaching experience and Managing Director of U C MAS-UAE writes about U C MAS]

Who has the most impact on a growing child? President of India  Abdul Kalam  said that it is the mother who creates a deep impact on the mind of a child, followed by the father and then the teachers in school. When we say teachers, it is the elementary school teachers because they are the mentors when the children are in the formative years at school. This applies to children in the age group of 4 – 12 years. This is the time when 80 % of brain development in a child takes place.

Every parent should consider his or her child as a genius. This is because there is a huge potential hidden inside every  child and it is our job to find out this aptitude within our child. 

UCMAS 2nd National Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition 2005, held at AL Nasr Leisure Land Dubai on 18th Novemeber 2005.

There are two main aspects in a child’s learning process – Knowledge and Skill. A child acquires the required knowledge in school, library,  surfing the internet, etc.,  Then what about skills? Have you ever given a thought to this aspect? U C MAS helps a child in acquiring those skills.

What is U C MAS? [Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System]

Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (U C MAS) is a skill development programme for the children of the age group: 4 – 12 years.  It helps children in acquiring and developing skills like photographic memory, listening, concentration, comprehension, presentation, speed and accuracy.  Children learn to become self reliant and self confident with enhanced memory.

UC MAS is a modern representation of an ancient art of mental arithmetic. Originally from China and popular all over the world.

Research on brain science reveals that the left hemisphere provides analytical information processing and is good in dealing with information concerning languages and sound, and the right hemisphere provides integral information processing and is good in dealing with information concerning shape and space. Since the right hand is used more often than left hand, the right brain function is not so well developed.

There is no limit to the potentialities of the human brain. Not only does the function of the human brain needs cultivating from childhood but also needs to be constantly used. U C MAS is a tool for whole brain development.

In order to explore and develop the potentialities of the human brain fully, many physiologists and brain scientists have been studying ways to develop the function of the right brain further, the seat of intelligence, contributing in a large measure to increased learning ability, Concentration, Perceptual capabilities and Imaging skills.

U C MAS is the result of such research.  U C MAS uses the ancient tool the “Abacus” for the right brain development. Through constant exploration and practice the children master  the concept of numbers.  Numbers is  only a beginning. Soon all the information is absorbed and processed faster in the mind.

Arithmetic is extremely important for building up a solid academic foundation for children. The U C MAS Mental Arithmetic, an internationally well-known and powerful mental development programme is created to help children develop their latent mental power at an early age.

U C MAS aims to develop human intellect, through improved mind concentration, imagination, revolutionize the field of child education.

To monitor the progress of students and to gauge their standard and performance on Mental Arithmetic, students are required to participate in an Examination cum Competition every year organized by UC MAS ? Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Children must be prepared with sufficient intelligence and courage to face their future, and Abacus mental arithmetic programme gives them the required skills.

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Submitted by Claude  Fernandes, Mangalorean.Com Team – UAE