UAE Indian Honoured and Rewarded for Returning Dirhams One Lakh to Owner

Dubai: Nisham Kunnath Valappil, working as a cleaner with Transguard security agency here, has been honoured and rewarded by his employers for the extraordinary sense of honesty and integrity displayed by him while at work.


While on duty at the Festival City Mall here, he had found a bag containing UAE Dhms 1 lakh, which works out about Rs 18 lakh, in the men’s prayer hall some time ago. He immediately brought it to the attention of his supervisor and helped in locating the owner and returning it to its rightful owner.

The firm, in appreciation of his dedication and integrity, honoured him at its annual staff party. He was awarded the Star of the Year trophy, a cash bonus, plane ticket home, as well as an extra seven days’ holiday.

Nisham was not only happy about having identified the right owner but also for the recognition he received. His colleague, Muhammed Samar Shaheen, was also honoured for integrity while on duty.

Shaheen, working as a loader at the airport, found a large sum of money, which he returned to its owner. He too won a trophy and cash bonus.

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  1. Nisham Kullath Valappil truly deserves the honour and recognition received from his employers for returning a bag containing Dirhams 100,000 to his superiors and helping to tracs the owner.

    I wish our netas and babus who are very sleazy to learn some good qualities from this noble person. I salute him and wish him a successful career and a contented life.

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