Udupi: 60-year-old Woman Gets 3-year Jail for Fatal Attack on Daughter-in-law

Udupi: The district and sessions court here has sentenced a woman for attacking her daughter-in-law in a fit of rage which resulted in the latter’s death.

Chandravati (60), wife of Muguli Nagappa Acharya, had a petty argument with her daughter-in-law Nagaratna over wearing of sari on May 19, 2014. In a fit of fury, Chandravati picked up a pair of tailoring scissors and stabbed Nagaratna in the neck.

Profusely bleeding, Nagaratna ran out of the house and collapsed in the yard. Chandravati was charged for causing her death.

After a year-long proceedings, district judge Rajashekhar V Patil ruled that it was not a premeditated murder and handed out a 3-year term in jail term to Chandravati.

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