Udupi: Abuse of Facebook Continues – Young Woman Complains of Account Cloning

Udupi: It has been frequently reported in these columns as to how social media is being abused by anti-social characters to bring about disrepute to persons they do not like.

The spineless acts of these faceless characters cannot be easily identified, unless the cyber cell officials go after the cases with a single-minded mission. But such a firm will seems to be missing, especially in view of the increasing number of cases.

That this situation is further taken advantage of by the miscreants has been proved yet again in a case reported from here. Anusha V Palan of Kadiyali has been maintaining a Facebook account for the last two years. On Oct 31, she received a ‘friend request’ from one P K Anvita. Later on it was found that Anusha’s picture had been downloaded and posted in Anvita’s account as hers.

On further enquiries, several messages appeared to have been sent from this cloned account to various contacts with the intention of damaging her reputation and character.

She has filed a complaint at the town police station in this regard. The police have cautioned the public, especially women, to take care while accepting friend requests and not to entertain any strangers in their circles.

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