Udupi: ABVP should renamed as Akhila Bhartiya Komuwadi Vidyarti Parishad – Sashidhar Hemmady

Udupi: The  Komu Souhardha Vedike staged a protest on August 28 against   the immoral policing incident at Attavar, Mangaluru where a boy was stripped by right wing activists.

Addressing the protesters  Sashidhar Hemmady, President of Sahamatha said,   “Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarti Parishad (ABVP)should be renamed as Akhila Bharthiya Komuwadi (communal) Vidyarthi Parishad for sensitizing students in the name of religion, said .

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Minorities are facing hardships to survive in Karnataka. The accused who chopped the fingers of Sunder Malekudiya was given shelter by a union minister in Andra Pradesh.
In the recent incident of Attavar in Mangaluru, a youth was stripped and brutally beaten by right wing activists for helping a Hindu girl. The action by right wing activists highlights Taliban culture. Two students from Sullia were debarred from a college for being to a cyber centre; this action by the college authorities came after undue pressure from right wing associations. Communal clashes in the twin districts highlight our helplessness. The police department has failed to initiate proper action against those who are accused of promoting communalism in the twin districts.
The Attavar incident was recorded in mobile phones and the video was uploaded in the social media. “We should feel ashamed of ourselves as we have lost our dignity at the international level. The Pakistan media has also highlighted the issue which has put us to shame. The MPs, Ministers and MLAs who have been elected to power are silent on the issue,” he said.
He further stated that parents are entitled to protect their children and not Hindu outfits.
Paniraj of KKSV said that communal incidents are destroying our nation. The efforts of right wing activists in this direction should be suppressed, he added.
Hussain Kodibengre, Jayan Malpe, Idrees Hoode, Cyril Mathais, G Rajeshekar, Fr William Martis, Prof Murugeshi, Aziz Udyavara, Moulana Imran Kasim Malpe and others were present.

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