Udupi: Bihar Election Shows the Victory of Democracy over Communal Forces – Veerappa Moily

Udupi: The Bihar election is a lesson to the Modi government, which has remained determined to promote divisive politics, as the people of Bihar have firmly rejected them by choosing secularism over communalism, said Veerappa Moily, former Chief Minister of Karnataka and MP of Chikkaballapur LS Constituency. He was addressing a press meet at the Congress Bhavan here, on November 9.

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The people of Bihar have pushed away communal and divisive forces out of Bihar. The victory of the grand alliance has projected that people have strong determination in upholding the secularist policy. Mulayam Singh Yadav who walked away from grand alliance has also learnt a lesson, said Moily.

“Our nation’s DNA has secularism and no communalism. Intolerance is rising in the country and prominent artists and writers have raised their voices against it. In the past, there was no suppression of intellectuals but today, we can witness that intellectuals are even not allowed to raise their voices. BJP president Amit Shah’s day dream of a Congress-free India seems to be unrealized as the days of BJP-free India are nearing.”

He also said that PM Modi’s international tours have not benefited India in any way. The financial irregularities are prevailing, and days are nearing where banks will soon turn bankrupt if the government remains silent on inefficient financial policies. The UPA and past governments maintained friendly relations with Nepal but now the relationship between the two countries has taken a different turn.

All political parties had supported the Yettinahole project. Janardhan Poojary has the right to share his views and the CM will address the issues on the project, he added.

Celebrating Tipu Jayanti is not an issue but some intentionally want to malign Tipu Jayanti. Tipu has played an effective role in the freedom struggle and for the same Tipu Jayanti is being celebrated, he added.

MLA Pramod Madhwaraj, former Karkala MLA Gopal Bhandary, CMC President Yuvraj, M A Gafoor, Harish Kini, Kishan Hegde Kolkaibail, Bhaskar Rao Kediyoor and others were present.

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  1. Dear Veerappaanna,
    All parties came together to form a grand alliance with a single goal to consolidate every minority, anti-sanaathana vote and defeat BJP. You can repeat this all over India. However, the real question is – what happens to grand alliance once the elections are over? Would they even be able to share power and provide a stable govt or start fighting with each other? Remember, your own grand old party was reduced to 4th place. Well, only time will tell…

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