Udupi: BJP Benefits from Cross-voting by Pro-Congress Panchayat Members in Shirva

Udupi: It is a world of turncoats and weathercocks right from the parliament level down to the panchayat level.
The irony of political equations played its part on Sunday, when the BJP-supported members of the Shirva panchayat managed to stage a political coup by getting their candidates for the post of president and vice president elected.
With 18 elected members as against the BJP’s 16, the Congress-supported group should not have had any difficulty in getting its candidates elected. But two of them voted for the BJP group’s candidates, thus enabling the latter group’s candidates elected fpr both posts.
Varija Poojarti, who represents Kadambu ward and won the second time in a row, was elected the president and Devadas Nayak, representing Mattar Belanjale ward who won the fifth time in a row, was elected the deputy.
The losing candidates from the Congress-supported side were senior party member Leena Mathias,  who had once served as vice president of the Udupi zilla parishat, and K Ramaraya Patkar who had won four times in a row and who had served as panchayat vice president in the past.
Tables were turned by the BJP against Congress, with the 18:16 equation getting exchanged. The curious combination of BJP’s president and vice president and a majority of Congress members will continue for five years..
Only a consensus of working hand in hand may work when it comes to developmental works and serious matters, and in voting on constructive issues.

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