Udupi: Bommarabettu Resident’s ATM Password Hacked, Rs 25,510 Fraudulently Withdrawn

Udupi: K Ravishankar, a resident of Bommarabettu near Hiriyadka, has complained to the police regarding fraudulent withdrawal of amounts from his bank account.

The account is held with the Dharmasthala branch of Vijaya Bank. The withdrawals have been made through ATM from abroad. His PIN is suspected to have been hacked by cloning.

Amounts of Rs 366-31, Rs 8,220-11, Rs 732-63 and Rs 16,191-13 have been drawn on June 26 and 27, according to his complaint.

As the withdrawals have been made from abroad, tracing the culprits could be difficult, said police sources.

Caution! Caution!

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