Udupi: CDA Chairman Nivedith Alva Inspects Construction of Fish Market

Udupi: Nivedith Alva, Chairman of Coastal Development Authority inspected the construction work of the fish market near PPC College road and ordered the officials to complete the construction work by last week of December. The market is built at a total cost of Rs 1.99 crore.

The post of Chairman was vacant in the past, in the Costal Development Authority which led to the delay in projects implemented by the authority. The modifications in the seating capacity will accommodate all the fisherwoman. The project is funded by the central government and the government releases money according to the completion report submitted.

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The CDA has initiated new projects for the development of the coastal area. The foundation stone will be laid to build a fish market in Mudarangadi. The newly built fish market in Shirva will be inaugurated on November 14. The newly built fish market in Panemanglur will also be inaugurated.

The CDA was formed to furnish reports. Chief Minister Siddarmaiah has given a fund of rupees 10 crores for the development of coastal Karnataka. All short term projects will be inaugurated. A balanced development is initiated by CDA so that development is promoted in the areas coming under the purview of CDA.

When asked on whether he was trying for MLC he said that he is focusing on present responsibilities given to him.

The rural connectivity is the priority or CDA, suspension bridges will also be constructed.

Pramod Mahwaraj MLA Udupi; CMC President Yuvraj, Ramesh Kanchan, Ganesh Nergi and others were present.

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