Udupi: CMC Passes Resolution Mandating Dog Owners to Obtain Licence

Udupi: Owning a dog in Udupi municipality limits will cost the owners a little more. In the General Body Meeting held at the Udupi City Municipality, the members passed a resolution mandating dog owners to obtain a licence with the photograph of the dog with the owner. This resolution has come due to the rising problem of stray dogs in the city.

Prashant Amin, quoting a newspaper report, said that municipalities in Chhattisgarh and Kerala have made it mandatory for dog owners to obtain a licence for owning a dog. Amin said that this would reduce the problems of stray dogs in the city.

An official who is in-charge of conducting sterilization of stray dogs said that the city has scores of stray dogs that have been vaccinated. The vaccination process is being properly monitored.


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Opposition leader Dinker Shetty Herga said that an effective resolution should be passed on the issue of stray dogs which will be a model to other districts in the state.

Prashant Bhat said that even after repeated warning by the CMC and the Police department, vehicles are being parked in the no-parking area in front of KMC Manipal. CMC Commissioner Manjunathayya said that the Deputy commissioner of Udupi District has been urged to pass a notification which would help the CMC and the Police Department to initiate steps against the law breakers.

Janardhan Bhandarkar said that the flower and sugarcane vendors have been throwing flowers and used sugarcane stalks in and around Car Street, which is affecting tourists and the general public. Yuvraj, President of CMC, said that henceforth a fee will be collected from street vendors.

Prashant Amin said that the district administration should be convinced to lift the ban on sand mining in the district. “The construction work has been halted due to unavailability of sand and the government needs to intervene immediately,” he said. He urged president Yuvraj to meet the Deputy Commissioner along with the CMC members, MLAs and the Minister in-charge and discuss the issue with the DC.

Amritha krishnamoorthy (vice president of CMC), Manjunath (Commissioner of CMC) and others were present.

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