Udupi: Country Boat Fishermen hold ‘Samudra Puja’

Udupi: Country boat fishermen (Nadadhoni Meenugararu) began their traditional fishing in the sea from the Malpe fisheries harbour from June 11. The fishermen, who will venture into the sea in the wake of the ban on deep sea fishing, offered a Samudra Puja at Malpe before venturing into the sea for fishing.


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Various rituals and a special Puja was offered at Bennekudru Mahasthri temple before the ‘Prasada’ was offered to the sea as part of the Samudra Puja. The fishermen prayed to the sea God to ensure their safety during fishing in traditional boats.

There are about 1500 country boats in Udupi district and nearly 30000 fishermen are employed in country boat fishing.

‘Nadadhoni Meenugarike,’ as it is popularly called, is taken up by fishermen in the coast to eke out their life when 61 days of ban on mechanised fishing is imposed. The dull seacoast during the time is only vibrant due to fishing activities carried out by the traditional boat fishermen during the monsoon.

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