Udupi: Criteria to Select Endosulfan Victims Should be Modified – KKSDACF

Udupi: The Karnataka State Disabled and Caregivers Federation, staged a protest demanding the implementation of their demands in front of the District Health Officer’s Chamber here, on September 11.

The government is only considering the victims born after 1980 as physically challenged. The symptoms of Endosulfan are even present on the victims born before 1980. The government should consider the victims born before 1980 and extend Endosulfan relief to them as well, demanded the federation.

The government has not yet completed the identification process of Endosulfan victims and has violated the high court order which directed the government to identify victims before March 2, 2015. The government should soon intervene and direct the officials to identify Endosulfan victims and extend pension, bus pass and other facilities.

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An Endosulfan rehabilitation Centre should be opened in the district. The government should waive the loans of Endosulfan victims and their families. An Endosulfan cell should be formulated to monitor measures implemented for the victims. Pension should be deposited in the accounts of the victims on or before 10th of every month.

Medicines and consultancy should be free of cost as per the Memorandum of Understanding between KMC Hospital Manipal and the Government of Karnataka.

A special school should be established in every Taluk for Endosulfan victims. Family members of Endosulfan victims should also be provided with bus pass. A disabled ministry should be formed and a corporation should be established.

A universally valid card should be issued to persons having disability. The guidelines for obtaining driving licenses for disabled persons should be relaxed.

MPs and MLAs should utilize their local area developmental fund amounting to Rs 10 lakh for buying motor cycles for the disabled. The government should provide houses, Antyodaya cards for persons having disability.

Manjunath Hebbar, district president; Venkatesh Koni, honorary president; Krishna Poojary, secretary; Babu K Devadiga, treasurer; Radhakrishna D, joint secretary and others were present.

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