Udupi: DC refused entry into district helipad by NCC officials

Udupi: The deputy commissioner Dr R Vishal IAS was denied entry to the helipad by NCC officials by giving reason that they have instructions from the higher officials.

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On February 15, Deputy Commissioner Dr Vishal had arrived at the helipad to inaugurate the Heli-tourism programme, which was organized by the district administration. But the NCC officials stopped the DC from entering the helipad. They said that they did not receive any instructions from their higher officials and they refused to open the gate to the DC to enter the helipad.

Immediately the DC informed the Superintendent of Police Annamalai K about the denial by the NCC officials and said to take action against the official. SP Annamalai reached the spot and later the helipad gate was opened.

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The helipad was given to the Army for NCC training in 1967 on lease, which the army had not use until 2008. The district administration had renewed the lease and had allowed the army to continue NCC training. The lease period has expired and deputy commissioner had served 3 notices for appearance of the army officials but it is learnt that the army officials did not appear before the deputy commissioner.


  1. I dont see anything wrong done by the NCC official from the army. NCC is closely attached with the indian defence forces and it trains the young youth to serve the nation. Army does nominate a personnel to train the yound cadets. NCC traning is no less than army training, but yes it is not that vigorous. Army come first and the DC and sleep well only if our soldiers guard our country who are doing so.

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