Udupi: Distressed Homemaker Jumps into Well, Rescued by Neighbours

Udupi: Vinuta Shetty, a homemaker, tried to end her life by jumping into a well near her home in Hiriadka police station limits.

She was rescued by immediate neighbours and lifted from the well. She was admitted to a hospital in Bailoor.

She had married Prasanna Hegde six years ago. He was addicted to taking part in cockfights and had lost heavy amounts in bets. He used to vent the anger on his wife by physically and mentally harassing her.

On June12, he came home dead drunk and picked up a fight with her. Besides abusing and assaulting her, he also is said to have kicked her.

Unable to stand it any longer, she is said to have decided to end her life. The Hiriadka police have registered a case and investigating the matter.

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