Udupi: District administration vacates unauthorised shelters in Brahmavar

Udupi: Unauthorised shelter houses built near the entrance of Bramhavar Sugar Factory which were obstructing free flow of traffic and the widening of National Highway were dismantled on Saturday October 17.

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Migrant Workers from North Karnataka region who had come in search of work to Udupi had constructed shelter houses near the entrance of Bramhavar Sugar factory. 48 families were depending on the open well to meet their drinking water needs.

The work on the construction of the service road near the entrance of Bramhavar sugar factory will be resumed. The 48 families residing illegally in the area were served notices in advance to vacate but they continued to live in the area illegally. With the company constructing the NH hastening the construction work, the Taluk administration immediately instructed the migrant workers to vacate the place.

The 150 migrant workers have been vacated from the present place near the entrance of Brashear and have been shifted to a place coming under the purview of the Haradi gram panchayat. A road has been constructed for the workers to commute.

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