Udupi: Fishing Boat from Malpe Robbed of Catch, Allegedly by ‘Pirates’ from Maharashtra

Udupi: After strict imposition of vigil and guard by the Indian Coast Guard, it was only in 2015 that the Arabian Sea was declared free from the international pirates, esp., those from Somalia.


But the fishing boats from Karnataka are facing regular trouble from the pirates of the local kind. The fishing boats from here were being robbed and sometimes confined by fishermen from Maharashtra during the past years.

Udupi MLA Pramod Madhwaraj had made several efforts at the state government level to stop this mischief and harassment in the name of stopping fishing activity in their territory by outsiders. Thereafter such attacks had stopped for some time.

In all likelihood as a sign of recurrence, such a case happened earlier this month.

A fishing boat owned by Madhukar Poojary from Malpe was being piloted by Govardhan of Bhatkal.

They had earlier sailed off Malpe port. While returning from the trip with a large catch, they were stopped by a group of 40 on board ‘Vikramaditya’ while at sea off Maharashtra’s shore..

They barged into this boat and took away a huge catch of fish worth Rs 6.50 lakh, nets worth Rs 2 lakh, fibre ropes worth Rs 7,000, two mobile phones and a solar power unit.

A case has been filed in the Malpe police station. There is said to have been confusion over the jurisdiction as the incident took place in the sea off Maharashtra.

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