Udupi: It’s Special! Humble Dog ‘Rocky’ Swims Beside the Boat with his Masters

Udupi: Dogs are said to be the closest companions of human beings. Here is a story of a humble dog that is with his masters in every step of their life.

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Rocky, a 10-year-old dog, swims across the Swarna river while his masters commute across by boat.

Laskhman and Padma Shetty’s humble dog, Rocky, is their closest companion who is with them in every walk of their life. Rocky accompanies his masters wherever they go.

The couple live in Herga on the banks of the Swarna river. They use a boat to commute to Kolalgiri. While they go by boat, Rocky swims besides the boat and reaches the shore. He has been following them since 10 years now. When Padma goes to her relative’s house or for shopping, Rocky follows her till the bus stop and then returns back home.

Padma Shetty says that Rocky has grown old but he still accompanies them wherever they go. He is our humble companion, she added.

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  1. As a dog owner, this needs no explanation. I only wish human beings could learn a lesson or two from these four-legged creatures. However, a question – why don’t they let him in their boat? There seems to be enough space for a dog. Plus, as he gets older, he might get into trouble if the currents are stronger during monsoon season.

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