Udupi: Lifeguards Save Tumkur Man from Drowning at Malpe Beach

Udupi: People from upcountry regions arrive in large numbers at the beaches in the coastal districts during leave and holidays. They may not have seen large water bodies in their lives. Quite understandably they get overwhelmed by the sight of sea water and some of them often get literally ‘carried away’.

They throw all warnings and cautions from the locals to the wind and sometimes even respond violently to advice given with a good intention, terming it as an interference in their personal life and privacy. In most cases, they defy the good counsel and tend to put their lives into hazards which could have fatal results.

Manjunath (34), hailing from Hiriyur in Tumkur district, had arrived with twelve others to spend time at the beach on Monday. While the rest of them sat and enjoyed watching the seascape, Manjunath, who knew how to swim, got into the sea and kept swimming for a long time.

Gradually, he happened to venture quite far into the sea which was quite turbulent as a result of rains. He got dragged away by huge waves. Fortunately for him, some lifeguards who happened to be around immediately rescued him and brought him to the shore.

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