Udupi: Luck Favours Congressman in Palimar Panchayat with BJP Majority

Udupi: Cross-voting by members of both the BJP and Congress parties at the time of electing presidents and vice presidents appears to have tilted the balance in a number of panchayats in the two districts.


Jitendra Furtado, new president of Palimar panchayat

There is tricky situation of one party holding the power on top with the majority mambers owing allegiance to another party.

High drama prevailed at the Palimar panchayat when electing the chief and the deputy. In the election of the president, one of the BJP supporters voted for the opposite candidate. This resulted in a tie. Lots were taken and Congress-sponsored Jitendra Furtado was favoured by Dame Luck as his name came up in the lucky pick.

Furtado will be the president for the next term while Sumangala, a BJP supporter, will the deputy president.

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