Udupi: Man Thought to Have Died Rejoins Family a Week after ‘Cremation’!

Udupi: Shankar (48), hailing from Bennekudru in Barkur, had married Gowri from Manikattu in Gundmi of Saligrama village some years ago.


Ever since he lived in her house and used to earn by doing petty jobs. They had three children from their marriage.

Owing to some reasons, Shankar had stayed away from home for some time. About a week ago, a person had died in a road mishap in Suratkal on the outskirts of Mangaluru. The features of the person closely resembled those of Shankar. The relatives claimed the body from the hospital and brought it home. It was cremated in Bennekudru.

A few days later, a relative, while sitting in a bar, made a reference to Shankar’s death to another. Yet another person, by chance, overheard it. He was surprised, since it was he who had arranged for a job for Shankar in a restaurant in Kalaburagi some time ago.

He immediately called up Shankar in Kalaburagi and confirmed that he was safe and sound. Three days later, Shankar arrived in Gundmi to prove to his kin and friends that he was still alive.

The family was too happy to have him back in flesh and blood, but they have no clue about the identity of the person who they had cremated under the mistaken impression that it was Shankar.

An earlier case:

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