Udupi: Narendra Modi Failed to Fulfill Pre-poll Promise – Amrith Shenoy

Udupi: The Youth Congress of the Udupi Assembly Constituency  held a protest against the union government over the hike in prices of essential commodities in the country, in front of the Clock Tower here, on Wednesday, November 18.

Youth Congress workers raised slogans against the union government and prime minister Narendra Modi and displayed a number of ‘Dal’ packets in front of the protest area.

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Addressing the gathering, Youth Congress leader Amrith Shenoy said that the Narendra Modi-led NDA government has failed in fulfilling the promises which they had made before the Lok Sabha elections. “Narendra Modi had assured before the Lok Sabha polls that he will bring ‘Acche Din’ in the country. It is unfortunate that even after completing a year as the Prime Minister, Modi has failed to fulfill the pre-poll promises. The BJP fooled the public to get votes. Modi should apologise to the citizens for misleading them for political gains. The union government has hiked the prices of essential commodities. The middle class have been affected the most due to the move, and the people are feeling cheated. The union government is not taking any action to control the price of essential commodities. Everything is getting expensive. The BJP’s slogan, “Acche din ane wale hain”, was just an eyewash,” he added.

While Congress has always worked for uniting the society, the BJP’s aim has been to divide the society on religious lines, alleged Amrith. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kept quiet even as many writers have been returning their awards as a protest against the rising intolerance in the country. “People who are in power are keeping quiet while they should be speaking out on these issues,” he said.

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Udupi Assembly constituency Youth Congress president Vikas Shetty criticised the Modi government’s decision to discontinue the stamps named after former prime ministers, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, “two national leaders who had served the country and laid down their lives”. “The two former Prime Ministers have sacrificed their lives for the welfare and development of the country. The BJP government is attempting to rewrite the history of the country. The centre’s action is in line of destroying national unity,” he alleged.

CMC president Yuvraj, Janardhan Bhandarkar, Ramesh Kanchan, Prathwiraj Shetty, Habib Ali, Satheesh Ameen Padukere, Prashanth Poojary, Deepak Kumar Shetty, Sunil Bangera and others were present.

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