Udupi: Now Leopard Scare in Kaup-Mallar – Search on, Cage Placed for Capture

Udupi: Scare and a sense of insecurity spread around Fakiranakatte in Mallar near Kaup after a resident spotted a leopard from close distance on Wednesday, Feb 24 evening.

Mubeen, residing in the same area, was taken aback when he saw the big cat running across his path. Out of panic, he tried to escape, fell to the ground and sustained bruise injuries.

The leopard is said to have slipped into a grove nearby. As the news spread, a group of youngsters, armed with wooden clubs for self-defence, went around the place in search of the animal. The forest personnel too arrived with a cage and placed it at a strategic point.

About a month ago, a leopard was found stranded in a well in Kutyaru. It was rescued and released into a forest sanctuary.

A few days later, a leopard was found having taken shelter in an outhouse around the same place. It was locked up inside to be captured.

But as the forest personnel were trying to trap it by sliding the tiles, the leopard had leapt to such a height and escaped through the roof.

It is suspected that it is the same leopard which showed up on different occasions. Since it has already preyed on domestic animals, the villagers are extremely worried that in most likelihood it would pay repeat visits to residential areas.

Sometimes here, sometimes there!

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