Udupi: Online Shopper from Shankerpura Orders Mobile Phone, Gets Stone Block Instead!

Udupi: There has been an increase in the number of cases of shoppers getting cheated after having ordered mobile phones etc. online.

The latest instance has been reported from Shankerpura in the taluk. Dr Savio D’Souza had placed an order for a Micromax mobile phone through the Snapdeal website by making an advance payment of Rs 6,350 about six days ago.

On July 14, a parcel arrived by courier. As most people do these days, he insisted on opening the parcel in the presence of the delivery man. His worst fears came true when a flat stone block packed in thermocol pieces was found inside.

The delivery man said that his company had only delivered what Snapdeal had sent and hence the courier firm had no hand in the matter. He asked Dr D’Souza to check with Snapdeal which had dispatched the parcel in the first place.

Then he contacted Snapdeal staff, who first denied such a possibility but later consented to have the matter investigated. The buyer insisted on an immediate refund of the amount, which the company personnel agreed to do within 48 hours.

Dr D’Souza has kept his options open regarding further action if the refund is not received within the promised timeframe.

Buyers beware!

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