Udupi: Parking Fee Collection Issue Dominates CMC General Meeting

Udupi: The contract executed between CMC and SRDP Udupi for collecting parking fee will be terminated after repeated complaints over inconvenience caused to public from the fee collectors said CMC President Yuvraj P. His decision came after the question was raised by councillor Sashiraj Kunder during the CMC meeting about the parking fee collectors causing inconvenience to public. The meeting was organised at the CMC, Udupi here on January 8.

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CMC President said that the public were complaining about the inconvenience caused by the parking fee collectors as they were engaging in verbal fights, he soon directed the CMC commissioner to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

The commissioner directed the electrical engineer to address the issues of electricity problems in CMC limits. He warned of stern action if complaints were not attended.

Prashanth Amin said that the stray dog menace was causing severe problems and the CMC need to intervene. CMC president said that department of Animal Husbandry has been directed to take effective steps. Health inspector said that the by-laws have to be formulated for commercial complexes and residency flats for construction of STP.

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The opposition members and ruling members demanded the Beach Development committee to be brought under CMC. They also demanded that the projects implemented by the Beach Development Committee in Malpe beach area to be informed to the CMC.

CMC Vice-President Amrutha Krishnamurthy, CMC Commissioner Manjunathayya, CMC Standing Committee President Prashanth Bhat and others were present.

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