Udupi: People Dread Overflowing UGD at Ajjarkad Government Hospital

Udupi: A hospital is known for curing patients while here, the Ajjarkad Government Hospital is making news for spreading contagious diseases due to a poor underground drainage system.

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Sewage water from the government hospital flows out from the underground drainage system into the mortuary and local residences. The fetid smell has made living in the area difficult as it has become a breeding place for mosquitoes. People even fear to come out of their houses in order to avoid contracting contagious diseases. Houses of government officials are also located in the area where the sewage water has entered.

The UGD has been temporarily repaired by municipal workers but a permanent solution is required. The repair of UGD system needs to be undertaken by the district administration and the government hospital but they are silent over the issue. The sewage water which flows from the drain collects in potholes, which could lead to the spread of dangerous diseases to locals and even patients.

Nithayanda Volakadu of Zilla Nagarika Samiti said that people fear to receive treatment in the district hospital. Poor families are more dependent on government hospitals but after witnessing the situation around the hospital, they too are preferring to get treated in private hospitals. This problem has been prevailing here from the past 10 days but the district administration is still mum on the issue.

The problem was reported to the deputy commissioner but still, action has not been initiated. The situation here will spread diseases to people who even come to visit the hospital, Volakadu added.

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