Udupi: Pickpockets Did Not Spare Even Mourners at Vasant Salian’s Funeral!

Udupi: In the past, reports of thefts and pickpocketing have been heard during temple visits, VIPs’ visits and festivals.
Since there are less of such events during rains, some miscreants chose a mourning event in Kaup while looking for a rich yield.
Thousands had thronged to pay their final respects to former state minister Vasant Salian on Sundayas the mortal remains were kept in Kaup town, ahead of his final rites.
At least three prominent persons including Kaup block Congress president Naveenchandra J Shetty and entrepreneur Abubaqer Atradi found themselves relieved of their wallets.
They might have lost large sums. At the same time, it is suspected that there were more cases but they did not officially report the loss to avoid adverse publicity.
All this happened while there were VIPs were around and high-security police cordon was in place. Even there were attempts when the body lay at Salian’s home in Katapadi. A person called Guruprasad was spotted by the public while pickpocketing and handed to the police.
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