Udupi Police return recovered Property worth Rs 28.97 lakh

Udupi Police return recovered Property worth Rs 28.97 lakh

Udupi: The Udupi district police handed over stolen items including jewellery, cash and other items worth Rs 28.97 lakh to the rightful owners at a formal ceremony organised at Chandu Maidan here on Monday, October 3.

Speaking on the occasion, Udupi district SP K T Balakrishna said that the property was recovered from January 2016 to June 2016. During the period, cash, jewellery and other items including vehicles, mobiles, bronze items, gas cylinders and other articles worth Rs 1.01 crore were reported missing in various theft cases. Property worth Rs 49.01 lakh was recovered in the district, he added.

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He said in the Udupi Sub-Division, stolen property worth Rs 20.25 lakh was seized. This included gold and Silver items, 8 Bikes, Indica Car-1, Battery-1, I-Pad-2, camera-1, Copper item-1 and Rs 25,500 Cash.

In Karkala Sub-Division, total stolen property worth Rs 12.23 lakh was recovered during the period. This includes 130 grams gold and silver items, Panchaloha statues 5 and Rs 4700 cash.

In Kundapur Sub-Division, stolen property worth Rs 16.53 lakh was recovered which included gold and Silver items, Truck -1, Laptop-1, LCD TV-1 and Rs 150 cash.

The stolen property was exhibited before handing it over to the rightful owners. Additional SP Vishnuvardhan, ASP Karkala Dr Sumana, DySP Udupi Kumarswami, DySP Kundapur Praveen Nayak and others were present.

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