Udupi: Police to Set-up 47 Check Posts in District – SP Annamalai

Udupi: The district police will be setting up 47 check posts around the district on the eve of Bakrid and Ganeshotsava festivals said K Annamalai, District Superintendent of Police. He was speaking during a public meeting organised at the Jagannath auditorium here on September 13.

Check posts will operate from September 13 in the districts. Suspicious vehicles will be thoroughly checked. Illegal cattle slaughtering should be prevented by the community leaders. The police are authorised to fire on the perpetrators who try to attack the police at check posts.

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The Ganeshotsava will be held on September 17 and Bakrid on September 24. Leaders of both communities should celebrate the festivals in peace and harmony.

The Ganesha idols are erected in 406 places around the district. The Ganeshotsava celebrations will conclude on October 10.

The district is ahead in using the social media. Rumours posted on social media like WhatsApp and Facebook should not be trusted and should be brought to the notice of the police department.

Programmes organised during festival seasons should end by 10:00 PM. Sound should not exceed 50 decibels. The sound system should not be used beyond 10:00 PM, he added.’

Additional Superintendent of Police Santosh Kumar; Newly appointed Karkal ASP Suman; DySP Chandrashekar; Udupi CPI Srikanth; PSI Udupi Girish; and others were present.

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