Udupi: Pomp and Grandeur Mark Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Temple Town

Udupi: Thousands of devotees thronged Sri Krishna temple on September 6, to catch a glimpse of the idol of Lord Krishna on the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmastami.

srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 08-11-32 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 08-47-31 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 08-52-04 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 09-21-34 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 09-31-37 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 10-03-00 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 10-11-45

Various ‘Alankars’ to the Lord Krishna is the highlight of the day. The idol of Balakrishna was decorated with flowers and ‘tulasi’ leaves. Paryaya Kaniyoor Math Swamiji Vidyavallbhatheertha Sripada performed ‘Mahapuja’ in the early hours of Sunday. The ‘arghya pradana’ ritual was held at 12.14 am followed by the Mahapuja. The Swamiji of Ashta Krishnapura was present during the ritual and offered ‘arghya’ to the Lord.

Devotees observed fasting and offered ‘arghya’ to Lord Krishna with water through conch and ‘bilva’ leaves to break the fasting at night.

srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 05-09-2015 23-35-12 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 06-09-2015 00-22-53 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 06-09-2015 00-26-30 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 06-09-2015 00-26-36 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 06-09-2015 00-27-47 srikrishnaastami_arghyaprdanaUdupi 06-09-2015 00-28-15

The ‘Krishna Leelotsava’, also called as ‘Vittal Pindi’, will be celebrated in Udupi onSeptember 6. ‘Anna santharpane’ will be offered at 10 am at ‘Rajangana and Bhojanashale.

‘Mosaru Kudike’ – an event where earthen pots filled with milk, milk products and saffron water are broken. These pots will be hung at the tip of specially erected wooden poles placed at different places. Men dressed as ‘Yadavas’ will attempt to break the pots before the procession of clay idol Lord Krishna in the golden chariot. The procession will begin at around 3 pm. The idol of the Lord will be immersed in Madhwa Sarovara at 4 pm.

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