Udupi Revels in Janmashtami Grandeur, Little Krishnas Enthrall Audience

Udupi Revels in Janmashtami Grandeur, Little Krishnas Enthrall Audience

Udupi: The beauty and mischievousness of Lord Krishna came alive at the Sri Krishna Temple premises, during the Krishna Vesha competitions organised by Paryaya Palimar Math here on Sunday, September 2.

Little Krishnas enthralled the audience. Few of the little Krishnas were seen savouring butter while parents were trying hard to make their children look better. Different age groups dressed as Krishna and Radha brought the revered couple alive – both in person and performance to the applause of the gathering.

It was a visual treat with kids in decorative headgears, bejewelled costumes in different hues and with a peacock feather, to top it all. There were “Krishnas” laughing, crying, fighting, and eating ice cream. Parents were busy helping their children dress up and could be seen rehearsing their part. They were also busy feeding, dressing, and practising their dance steps along with their children.

Apparently, the parents had put in their best efforts for the show. But some children were unmindful of the spirit of the competition much to the charging of their parents.

Sri Vidyadeesha Theertha Swamiji of Paryaya Palimar Math actively visited various places of the competitions and enjoyed with kids amid their busy schedule.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is adorned with a variety of flowers greeting the devotees. Devotees were seen standing in a long queue since early morning at the Temple to have the Darshan of the presiding deity Lord Sri Krishna. Inside the temple, the deity, installed by Madhwa philosopher and great saint Sri Madhwacharya over 800 years ago, was specially decorated in the form of ‘Bala Krishna’ with a diamond crown and seated on the golden cradle.

A large number of people from Kuruba community from the nearby villages of Udupi arrived in the city to offer ‘Arghyapadhan’ (offering milk and water) under the guidance of the Paryaya Swamiji to the clay idol of Lord Sri Krishna, specially made for the occasion at midnight to mark the birth of the Lord.

The marvellous and vibrant event of Sri Krishna Leelotsava, as part of the Janmashtami festival, will be held on Monday evening where the main event of breaking the pots hanging from the specially erected poles filled with coloured water and sweets will be held. A team from Mumbai will perform ‘Sri Krishna Alare,’ the human pyramid on the occasion.