Udupi: Shri Samyamindra Tirtha Swamiji to Camp in Basrur from Dec 9 to 13

Udupi: Shri Samyamindra Tirtha Swamiji, the junior of Kashi Math head Shri Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji will camp in Kashi Math in Basrur from Dec 9 to Dec 13.
He will invoke blessings at the memorial ceremony in honour of Shri Bhuvanendra Tirtha Swamiji.
To mark the renovation and beautification of the Brindavans of Keshavendra Tirtha and Bhuvanendra Tirtha Swamijis, rituals like Laghu Vishnu Havan, Shatakalasabhishek, Saanidhya Havan and Vaayu Stuti Pradakshina will be held, in which he will take part.
The newly-built Varadendra auditorium and the adoration room for the gurus also will be inaugurated on the occasion.

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