Udupi: SP Annamalai puts brakes on Students for Rash Driving

Udupi: Nowadays we read news about two wheeler accidents and deaths, but people riding two wheelers are still careless. Some riders do not wear safety helmets, they hang it on their hand. A number of programmes are being held on road safety to bring awareness but all are in vein.

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SP Annamalai is known for zero tolerance towards those who violate the law. Some college students while riding violate traffic rules and land in trouble. To curb incidents of rash driving and everyday breaking of traffic rules, SP Annamalai decided to take action against the offenders.

On July 21, Annamalai along with his team on getting information, confiscated vehicle registration documents from students for rash driving. He also issued notices to the students for violating traffic rules.

Speaking to mangalorean.com, SP Annamalai said that the traffic department has issued warnings about road safety but some of the students are not following traffic rules. He said, “Finally, we have decided to confiscate the vehicle registration documents from the students who violate traffic rules. We have also informed the students to come to the police station along with their parents on July 22.”

If the students will continue to violate traffic rules, action will be taken against them, he warned.

With this move, from July 22 onwards, students in the district will be forced to strictly follow traffic rules.

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