Udupi: Stella Maris Church Kalmady Celebrates Annual Feast with Great Devotion

Udupi: The annual feast of Our Lady of Vailankani shrine at Stella Maris Church Kalmady was celebrated on Saturday, August 15.

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Dr Gerald Lobo, bishop of Udupi Diocese, was accorded a grand welcome by Kalmady parish priest Fr Alban D’Souza along with the parish council members.

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Bishop Dr Gerald Lobo concelebrated the festive mass along with the diocesan chancellor Fr Valerian Mendonca, Dean of Udupi deanery Fr Fredrick Mascarenhas, diocesan estate manager Fr Henry Mascarenhas, parish priest Fr Alban D’Souza and other clergies.

In his homily the Bishop said that there is a link between Mother Mary and the Holy Sacrament. The Immaculate Mother of God, Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her early life, assumed her body and soul into heaven. With that, the ancient belief became the Catholic doctrine and the Assumption was declared a truth revealed by God. Mother Mary always believed in Jesus. Mother Mary remained faithful to the Lord, he said.

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State Minister of Urban Development and district in-charge minister, Vinay Kumar Sorake visited the shrine and released the parish bulletin ‘Daryacho Sukur’ during the stage programme held after the festive Eucharistic celebration. He also conveyed his best wishes to the gathering. MLA Pramod Madwaraj was also present on the occasion and released the diocesan book ‘Jeevith’. Marian Devotional Songs Album composed by Fr Valerian Mendonca and Fr Clement Mascarenhas was released on the occasion.

Fr Alban thanked the parishioners and the parish council for their concerted efforts in organizing the annual feast.

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Lunch was served to all the devotees who were present on the occasion. Around 5,000 devotees from across the district and neighbouring districts participated in the annual feast.

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