Udupi: Student Mistakes Police Call for Hoax Message, Alleges Excess at Station

Udupi: It was a comedy of errors. But it led to serious consequences for a student from Bailakere near Malpe.

On Sunday, Avez, the said student, was riding a bike with his friend Sampat, a call was received from the Malpe police station on Sampat’s mobile.

As he could not pick the call while riding, he passed on the phone to Avez. The caller said that he was calling from the police station in Malpe.

Avez thought that one of their friends was playing a joke and spoke lightly, in a joking manner. The police are said to have taken the matter seriously and called him to the police station.

He is said to have been heavily beaten up for showing disrespect to the men in uniform.

It turned out that a second-hand mobile phone which Sampat had recently purchased happened to be a stolen piece. The police, after receiving a complaint, were calling the number.

Without realizing that they were genuinely calling, Avez mistook it for playful act of some friend, he responded light-heartedly. But the Malpe police were not amused.

They summoned Avez to the station. In spite of pleading with them that he had mistaken their call for a prank, he was severely beaten up sub-inspector Ravikumar and five other cops, says Avez.

He is receiving treatment in the district hospital at Ajjarkad here.

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