Udupi: Theft of Rs 1.78 Lakh from Travel Agency Premises at Karavali Junction

Udupi: A case of theft of Rs 1.78 lakh from the premises of a travel agency near Karavali junction here has been registered at the town police station here.

A female employee had been handed over the amount on Saturday for the purpose of crediting it to the account of the department of transport as tax for a bus owned by the firm. She had placed the amount in the and locked it in the evening. The office remained closed on Sunday being the weekly holiday.

Around 6 am on Monday, as part of routine, Mohan Poojary, opened the shutter lock and left it half open. When the employee arrived in the morning for work, the drawer was found broken open and the cash was missing.

The theft is suspected to have taken place between 6 am and 9 am on Monday.

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