Udupi: Two Bisons Found Dead near Railway Track – Train Hit Suspected

Udupi: Carcasses of two bisons (Indian gaur) were found in a tattered condition next to the Konkan railway track near Shri Chokkadi Mahalingeshwara temple in Katapadi surroundings on Sunday morning.

It is suspected that they had been hit by a night express train. They are said to be female and about six years old.

The carcass of one of them was found mutilated and the remains strewn over several metres on the track and around. Villagers cleared the tracks on a temporary basis to facilitate passing of trains.

Later on, the forest personnel arrived and a post-mortem formality was conducted as required under the wildlife laws

Further, in accordance with the laws, the bodies were cremated and the bones were interred in an adjacent land.

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