Udupi: Wipro Employee from Bengaluru Washed away at St Mary’s Isles

Udupi: Vivekananda (26), hailing from Puduchery and employed with Wipro India based in Bengaluru, was washed away by a huge wave while he had come on a visit with his friends on Saturday evening.

He, along with four others, had arrived in Udupi to attend a colleague’s wedding. In the afternoon the five of them had gone to visit St Mary’s Isles off Malpe beach.

After going around the isles, Vivekananda and Manikanthan, sat on a rock to view the seascape. A huge wave splashed on them and they both fell into the sea.

Manikanthan could swim safely back to the shore. But Vivekananda was washed away and went missing.

The staff of the boat who keep ferrying the tourists, assisted by locals, tried to trace him. Until late night, he could not be found. Hence he is feared to have died.

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