UEFA fine Barcelona for Catalan flags in Champions League final

Nyon (Switzerland), July 24 (IANS) The governing body of European football UEFA has imposed a fine of 30,000 euros (around $33,000) on FC Barcelona due its fans displaying Catalan flags in the Champions League final to support the north-east Catalan region’s independence from Spain.

Thousands of Barcelona fans showed the flags, which are not illegal in Spain, during the Champions League final in Berlin, in which Barcelona defeated Italian champions Juventus 1-3, reports Xinhua.

UEFA had previously warned the club about supporters flying the flags, which according to the organisation breaks their rule 16.2, which states “clubs and associations are responsible for the inappropriate behaviour of their supporters and can be the object of disciplinary measures, even though they can show they were not negligent in their organisation of the game.”

“The use of words or objects to transmit and message which does not fit in with sport, such as political, religion, or offensive or provocative words,” can be punished.

Barcelona have so far failed to comment on the sanction, which is smaller than had been expected in some parts.

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