This is Unexpected Case of Intolerance – DC Ibrahim

Mangaluru: Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim held a press meet at his office here, on March 17.


Speaking about the recent controversy of some right wing organizations opposing his name being printed on the invitations of the annual festival of Mahalingeshwara temple, he said, “There is no error in my name being printed on the invitation. In this unexpected case of intolerance, it is my duty as the DC to unify everyone.”

He further said that, “There has been no violation of the protocols laid down by the government. It is because of the protocol that my name was printed on the invitation and for which my permission was not sought.”

He said that he was the special officer for 3 years during the Dasara celebrations. He has held about 25 meetings to discuss, security of the temples, safety of the people and other issues. “I have called a meeting on March 18 to discuss the incident at Kollur temple as well,” he added.

“I have participated in various temple programmes and have even had the ‘prasada’. It would make sense if someone has an issue with me accepting the prasada. As a DC I was present at the disputed ritual of Made-Ede Snana as well,” he said.

When asked about the call for a Puttur Bandh, Ibrahim said, “I am in contact with the Commissioner of the Department of Religious Endowment and the Home Department has been given information about the law and order situation.”

“There has been an intimate relation between Muslims and Hindus in the region. In Mulki, there is the Bappa Beary, Maada temple in Udyavar and people in Uttar Kannada celebrate Moharam even if there are no Muslims in a particular region. Such differentiation based on religion is not correct in a civilized region,” he said. He appealed to all to maintain peace and harmony in the region.

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