US badly needs successful visit by Xi: Chinese daily

Beijing, Aug 29 (IANS) The US “badly” needs a successful visit by President Xi Jinping, said a state-run Chinese daily which added that in Barack Obama’s remaining months in office, “he cannot stand his eight years as president ending in soured US-China ties”.

An editorial “Washington wants Xi’s trip to be success” in the Global Times appeared on Saturday, a day after US National Security Adviser Susan Rice started her two-day China visit in preparation for Chinese President Xi’s US visit in September.

“Actually the Obama administration badly needs a successful visit by Xi. In Obama’s remaining months in office, he cannot stand his eight years as president ending in soured US-China ties. US-Russia relations have already suffered significantly during his term,” it said.

It added said that some American scholars have been reflecting on the “failure” of the China policies based on engagement, proposing changing the theme into containment. “But such discussion will not mean a sudden change in the basic tone of China policies.”

The editorial said that tensions have been building between the two countries in recent years because of issues such as the South China Sea and cyber security.

“However, the disputes are not as acute as the Cuba missile crisis or military conflicts in Afghanistan. In the South China Sea issue, China and the US are also showing a certain degree of restraint while sending out tough rhetoric,” it added.

It noted that “even a low degree of friction could be suffocating as endurance are low because there has been no major military conflicts between major powers for a long time”.

“China’s rise is also causing a sense of crisis in the US society, which is leading to the debate of a change of China policies, as well as an increase in China-bashing.”

Delving into the history of the ties between the two countries, the daily said that in the early years, the US intentionally put aside disputes in order to introduce China into an international order led by the US.

“Since the 1990s, the two countries’ relations have been tense. But they are still partners, though things are a little awkward. And no side wants to declare the other a ‘strategic opponent’.”

It went on to say that ensuring Xi’s US visit successful is significant in helping the two societies look at their problems from a positive point of view.

“The China-US ties are not that bad if we look at the past decades. Compared with the difficult years in the 1960s and 1970s, the current situation is much better. The Chinese and US leaders are shouldering historic responsibility to encourage their people to overcome the difficulties.”

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