US photo studio releases selfie stick etiquette rules

Washington, Oct 19 (IANS) California-based photo studio The Memory Journalists has released guidelines for responsible selfie stick usage in an effort to have more facilities permit the metal sticks that are used to take selfies beyond the normal range of the arm.

Many major tourist attractions including Disney, Six Flags, The Colosseum in Rome, Comic-Con, The Kentucky Derby, 19 Smithsonian attractions and The Palace of Versailles in Paris have decided to ban selfie sticks from their properties, citing various reasons, The Memory Journalists said in a statement.

Apart from many people feeling that selfie sticks usage is rude, the extendable metal sticks can also “cause accidents”. But when they are used responsibly, the devices can help create lasting memories, the photography studio said.

“If people are unsure of whether or not they are allowed to bring their selfie sticks to a specific venue, The Memory Journalists advise that the enquire beforehand. Many such policies can be found on venue websites or by calling.”

The studio suggested that for venues where selfie sticks are still allowed, people should remain considerate of those around them.

“If people are at a museum or other attraction, they are advised to wait until no one is in front of the attraction before attempting a selfie,” said the guideline.

“If there is a curator or guide standing nearby, The Memory Journalists reminds people that it is proper etiquette to ask permission before taking a photo with an attraction,” it added.

Selfie sticks are rising in popularity, as “it’s better than asking strangers to take your photos, and you just have to use it wisely”, a user was quoted as saying.

According to another user, a selfie stick is not just a silly toy for tourists.

“When used the right away, it can be part of your professional photography arsenal.”

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