V.K. Singh’s remark irks Hindi literati

Bhopal, Sep 9 (IANS) The Hindi literati on Wednesday took strong offence to a remark by union Minister of State for External Affairs V.K. Singh in which he had reportedly said the literatteurs used to remain limited to literature and liquor.

A report had quoted Singh as saying that the upcoming three-day world hindi summit is distinct from the yesteryears in many respects, as it is not just limited to literature but it is meant for the propagation and enhancement of the language.

Replying to some remarks being made about the scholars’ summit, Singh reportedly said: “Some people feel that they once used to come here, read writeups, have liquor and leave but all that is missing this time.”

Noted Hindi poet Rajesh Joshi said: “General sahib must explain if the armymen earn their respect due to their sense of service and sacrifice or for drinking the liquor they get on concessional rates.”

Another noted Hindi writer Ram Prakash Tripathi said: “A literatteur earns his respect due to his contribution to literature but the kind of remark made by a minister of state does not behove the position he maintains.”

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