Valentine Magic with three little words!

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Love may be defined as affection, devotion, fondness, admiration, compassion, attachment, dedication, sacrifice etc., which is the strongest emotion of our body and soul that brings happiness into our lives.  Love is also the language of the heart that speaks very often without a word, without a voice or a breath of sound.  Yet the heralds of love can reach the very chambers of the heart with its golden silent speech and this mystique language of the heart reveals the full symphony of the golden notes of rapture that re-echo on and on and its beauty flows like the rolling tide or the glow that lights the dawn and if you put them in words it would be only three little words "I Love You".  These three little words, "I Love You" hold a world of meaning in our life. We have heard these three little words perhaps a million times in our life from our loved ones and friends.  We too have whispered them perhaps a million times to tell them our love, feeling deep within our hearts the joy, happiness and sentiments since the time we could understand what love is all about. Our sincere wish today would be that the glory of love may bring the finest valentine thoughts to all our loved ones, friends and all of you filling into your hearts its true essence not only on Valentine?s Day but every day in life with joy and happiness!

Love is the blessing of life that lifts your heart on the wings of devines!

Love, in our opinion, can be in groups like child love, Puppy love, young love, married love, matured love and true love and so on. When we think about the small children, so little, so pretty, so innocent and look so smart, our heart goes out to hug them with our sticky kisses on their pretty pink cheeks!  They hear what we say, they see what we do and they grow healthy with the emotion of love only when we create at home for ourselves a loving environment.  Child is a gift of love and the little delights and the pleasures that happen in its life like Christmas light shining, warm sand, wet mud, cold water, teddy bear, a small gift from Santa Claus, lots of hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad are all the beautiful moments of  heart-warming and inspirational insights to a child love.  The special love with joy and happiness the small babies bring into our lives is the most amazing blessing of all that we ever experience in life when we look into their eyes, hear their sweet voices and feel their tender embraces against our heart.  It is the purest of love . . . it is a special love.  So don?t wait until they grow old to say these three little magic words "I love you"; but say them now with its full meaning and affections.

A Valentine in the heart of a child is the purest of love?!

Puppy love is an informal term for feelings of love, particularly between the young during pre-adolescence or adolescence, so-called for its resemblance to the adoring, worshipful affection that may be felt by a puppy. The term is often used in a derogatory fashion, describing emotions which are shallow and transient in comparison to other forms of love such as romantic love.  It is also expressed in initials carved on a tree, ponytails, facial make ups, favourite records, fairy tale romance, a certain seat in the bus, holding hands, silly childish games of love and marriage, shy smiles and timid kisses on the cheeks!  Young love is writing love letters, composing love poetry, rolling over bed, dreaming on pillows, day dreams, the first orchid, lacy valentines, bright sunshine, wearing fashionable dresses, worshiping heroes and tender kisses etc. This is a beautiful age when the sweet romantic feelings bloom in their tender hearts and drift them away into a fantasy world with imaginative fiction involving magic of love and adventure.  The young people gradually while crossing the bridge of innocent childhood, step into a youthful life showing different phases like giving meaningful mature smiles, moonlight gleams, moonlit dinners, "I love you" T shirts, walking in the rain, sunset on the sea shore, silver patterns, white satin, a plain gold band, dreams with illusions, promising kisses, forget-me-nots and the exciting whispers in the ears with three little magic words "I love you".

He was young and she was young as they walked the green-leafed way
"For us" she said, "all life will be wonderful as today"?.
"It will always be this way? he said ?Always the same as now"
Neither seeing a yellow leaf fall from a summer bough!

Feeling happy within oneself is beautiful; but sharing happiness in marriage with someone you love is most wonderful, most magical and most romantic in life.  Married love is security, the full symphony of two in love, sharing secret happiness, tiny baby fingers, rock the cradle, the same certain smile even in stress and distress, the quick and fond kisses of habit, forgotten anniversaries, baking cakes, burnt turkey for the Christmas, cleaning  oven, overdue bills, pretty quarelles but hearts ever beat as one!  Yet love and marriage are like horse with a carriage never without each other.  "I love you" is so beautiful in marriage and its powers are limitless, constant and serene as people share each hope, each joy, each dream, each sorrow, each anxiety and fear through each succeeding year, walking beside each other each blessed day. Slowly the nature of life turns to gold with mature love which is like beautiful roses in the garden!  It is a blissful union of golden memories and the dew drops of silver tears flowing softly over a heart filled with fond recollections. Golden anniversary, silver hair, uncluttered house, rest, time, peace, rocking chair, grand children visiting for the day and again the sticky kisses and "I love you" whispers in the ears from all the loved ones? when the golden sun slowly setting down into the vast distant horizon?.so mystical  is love, which is so inspiring and exciting in life!

The truest love from all the world is found within their hearts!

God is love and the only source of true love. Jesus loved us enough to die for us and if we ask Him how much He loved us, "This much" He will answer stretching out His arms on the cross.  St. Valentine loved God enough to die for His Truth.  The church legend narrates the story of St. Valentine who was a priest near Rome around the year 270 A.D. when the Roman Emperor was persecuting Christians for not adoring Roman Gods.  St. Valentine was imprisoned for his faith in Jesus, for refusing to worship Roman Gods, Jupiter and Mercury and also for performing Christian marriages and helping Christians to escape from the prisons.   Valentine continued to minister even from his prison cell and by the power of his prayer he also gave sight to a blind girl who was adopted by one of the prison guards.  All the guards of the prison were converted into Christianity accepting Jesus as their saviour.  The emperor was furious and he beheaded him for spreading the good news of Jesus.  St Valentine witnessed to the truth that "No one has greater love than this to lay down ones life for one?s friends".  This kind of love is Valentine Day really all about.  Today, in our modern world, "Be my valentine" phrase conveys very many thoughtful sensational messages on Valentine?s day like mailing lovely cards with hearts and small love poems printed on them; presenting gifts, Chocolates, candy and flowers to someone loved; images of cupids flying around shooting arrows of love; and all the young and the old alike expressing their affections and love for their sweethearts. The emotions of what we feel for love run deep inside us.  As human nature goes, love can never be denied!  Even though with all these beautiful loving ways of expressions one must not forget the essence of true love?! 

Love is like a flower, so beautiful and true and my heart is overflowing when I say, "I love U"

There are so many and many more in our life we love with all our heart.  But as we go through life our lives go in different directions and we begin to drift apart. We begin to love someone and often our love changes, it grows weaker and sometimes it can even die!  But true love will never die even though the distance and time may separate the loved ones.  There is no other love but true love and it conquers all and comforts all.  True love is not a feeling by which we are overwhelmed.  It is a committed, thoughtful decision.  It is not a relative achievement where one can arrive and is content.  In our opinion it is a process of growth as if we are on the way?!  Love is sacredness of the heart and the real beauty of love lies in our hearts.  The true beauty dwells in purity and shines in virtues.  Love is a refined innate sense of oneness with the entire creation.  Love is self denial and selflessness.  It is unrestricted goodwill, mercy, compassion, tolerance and absence of sensuality.  Disquieting thoughts, sentiments of sadness, fear, discouragement, disharmony, lustful thoughts, violence and such evil things are the fruits of forbidden tree! Violence is the force of destruction which pulls down, breaks, destroys and never repairs or builds up.  It is only a transitory strength which merely touches the surface of things.  Sweetness of love is durable.  It penetrates into the center of the soul, into the region where true affections, emotions, dedication, sacrifices, resolutions and decisions are born.  Love takes possession of your heart and gives you freedom, peace and harmony.

Our life’s journey into the infinite ocean of love!

Love attracts love.  The touch of Valentine magic with the three little words begins to ooze out a little stream of love gently to flow and you cannot imagine that this feeble current will bear your barque to the sea.  You laugh at those who invite you to embark and set sail; making the journey on foot you believe would be far more expeditious?.!  But the streamlet grows insensibly and it is at length transformed into a rapid current.  From different quarters the mountain torrents flow towards it so that it becomes swollen; it hollows a deep bed for it, transforms itself into a magnificent river and your boat sails majestically and rapidly towards the ocean.  The more you push forward the greater becomes your desire to sail still more swiftly and the more also the billows bear you away towards dedication and perfection.  You might wish to halt a little but the floods of compassion prevent it.  You must advance since you wished for it and asked for it.  God, the loving God, has taken you at your word.  You will find no rest unless you are plunged in this infinite ocean of love.  This is the valentine magic of three little words "I love you".

Author: Evelyn and Michael Machado- Germany

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