Various initiatives taken to make farming profitable: Government

New Delhi, Aug 7 (IANS) A number of initiatives have been taken by the government in the last one year to make farming competitive and profitable, parliament was told on Friday.

“With the objective of making farming competitive and profitable and to make the country self-sufficient in providing food for a growing population, the government has in the last one year embarked upon a number of initiatives that address the multiple concerns affecting the farming as an enterprise,” Minister of State for Agriculture Mohanbhai Kundaria told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply.

The government is committed to enhance productivity and sustainability on the production front and also addressing the marketing concerns during post production, he said.

“The emphasis of the government is on production front with a view to enhancing productivity and on a sustainable basis. The government is also committed to address the marketing concerns on post-production front along with ease in credit facilitation, he added.

“The strategy is on rejuvenation of soil health, balanced use of fertilizers, efficient use of water resources and remunerative prices on the returns of farmers,” Kundaria said adding, “the emphasis is on risk mitigation through insurance scheme”.

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