Vatican takes ‘positive’ view on Iran n-deal

Rome, (IANS/EFE) Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi on Tuesday described the agreement reached between Iran and the world powers over the country’s nuclear programme in a “positive light” and stressed the need for strong pursuance.

“It constitutes an important outcome of the negotiations carried out so far, although continued efforts and commitment on the part of all involved will be necessary in order for it to bear fruit,” Lombardi said.

“It is hoped that those fruits will not be limited to the field of nuclear programme, but may indeed extend further,” the spokesman added.

Iran and the countries of the P5+1 (the US, France, China, Britain, Russia plus Germany) announced earlier on Tuesday the final agreement over Iran’s nuclear programme, which aimed to limit Iran’s nuclear programme and prevent it from building an atomic bomb in exchange for lifting sanctions that have long paralysed the country’s economy.

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